Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Congratulations to our 2019 high school graduates! And, thanks to graduates McKealy Baker, Zach Osmundson, Simon Roemig, and everyone who helped to make our baccalaureate services so special.

2019 Confirmands

Merciful God, we thank you for these sisters and brothers, whom you have made your own by water and the Word in baptism. You have called them to yourself, enlightened them with the gifts of your Spirit, and nourished them in the community of faith.

Congratulations to Mount Calvary’s Confirmation Class of 2019!

Luke Anderson

Noah Anderson

Justin Anderson

Ellie Anlauf

Kate Berchild

Xóchitl Bergthold

Jackson Blanks

Leo Boime

Maxwell Buescher

Audrey Burton

Amelia Bussey

Whitney Cowan

Hanna Dahlin

William Dieken

Emma Dill

Laney Dodd

Hope Durenberger

Mia Elvecrog

Nathan Faster

Madeline Fiedler

Charlie FitzPatrick

Brock Foslien

Jack Frame

Fantaye Gilbertson

Kate Gilmore

Spencer Gongoll

Henry Gregerson

Hailey Guptail

Parker Hitchcock

Frances Huso

Meghan Ische

Sarah Johnsen

Abby Johnson

Bjorn Johnson

Jana Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Lilia Johnson

William Johnson

Lexy Kakacek

Lily Kamrath

Mirbella Kilner

Jenna Klein

Kaelyn Knudtson

Abigail Koehnen

Isabella Konat

Brianna LaMere

J.D. Landstrom

Vera Laninga

Natalie Larson

Savannah Lenk

Veda Link

Tommy Lurie

Lucas Martin

Carmen McLaren

Chloe McLaren

Jack McMillan

Tanner McPherson

Luke Miller

Tony Nelson

Peyton Olson

Wesley Parker

Zach Peterson

Carly Pfeffer

Derek Puzak

Emma Quam

Avery Rafferty

Charlotte Reitan

Avery Roerig

Anton Rutten

Grace Sadura

Lillie Schaefer

Julia Schini

Benjamin Scott

Brynn Shedd

Leah Shedd

Lauren Sundry

Stephani Sundry

Emmett Swendseid

Jocelyn Thom

Henry Tuttle

Justina Valentini

Noah Volbrecht

Anya Vukovich

Regan Way

Jaxson Well

Grace Whisnant

Madeleine Wiitala

Maizey Wilken

Jackson Woodley

Ava Zavadil

Jacob Zils


2019 Confirmation Guides

Mount Calvary thanks our 2019 Confirmation Guides for their inspired service to our youth!

Marri Anderson

Tim Anderson  

Amy Burton       

Kim Dieken        

Amy Dill               

Heather Durenberger   

Tony Gilbertson

Jennifer Ische                   

Sonja Johnson

Stephanie Johnson         

Jon Kamrath      

Diane LaMere   

Tracy Olson        

Craig Parker      

Traci Peterson  

Maria Reitan     

Stephanie Sundry           

Heidi Tuttle        

Dan Volbrecht  

Tom Vukovich  

Angela Vukovich              

Renee  Whisnant


Class Manager:  Nancy Link 

8th Grade Service Day

Thank you 8th Graders and parents for an excellent service day at our partner congregation, Gethsemane Lutheran, this past weekend!

7th Grade Day of Service – Bridge Building

Our Mount Calvary 7th graders spent a great day learning from our Somali Muslim neighbors at Augsburg University with our 7th Grade Interfaith Bridge Building day.

Confirmation Kicks off Serve the Max Month with Service Project Night!

Tonight is the last regular night of Confirmation before the Lenten/Easter break. Groups will hear from the Director of Launch Ministries and work on assigned service projects. All the supplies for the projects were purchased with Confirmation Wednesday night offering. We are very close to our $5000.00 goal.  
Here is a quick recap of what we will be doing with about 400 people working together in our building:

6th Grade – will make 540 after-school snack-packs for WeCan which is located in Mound. 

7th Grade:

  • 250 Personal Care Kits for Lutheran World Relief for distribution in disaster areas.
  • Launch Ministry (Carver County) – 40 Cosmetic kits, 30 Art Activity Kits (Young adult) & 36  basic, first aid/self care kits benefiting young adults who are homeless and working to find employment & housing.
  • 100 Food/Snack bags to be included in Military Care Packages for overseas distribution through Molly’s Military Care Package & Veteran Projects.

8th Grade – will assemble 110 Newborn Kits to be distributed in third-world countries through Global Health Ministries.

It will be a busy, high-energy night filled with excitement and love as the confirmands get to see how their offering is being used. It’s amazing how much middle-schoolers can get done in a very short amount of time when they are working to help others!

Dating and Sexuality

It was MOVIE day – the boys had scoffed and joked, the girls had giggled and whispered. If the truth were to be told, we were all mortified. The day when the 5th grade girls went to one school room and the boys went to the other. We were going to see the changing bodies movie and get “the talk”. This was an important milestone and every parent was invited by the school to attend. I remember it vividly
because out of 50 students, my mom was one of two moms who came. I liked my mom, so I wasn’t too bothered. The fact that the other mom belonged to the most popular girl in 5th grade didn’t hurt, but I remember wondering why no other parents attended. I learned later, that not only did parents not attend, there was no discussion on the topics of sexuality and dating between my friends and their parents, ever!

Being a typical adolescent, I was completely and utterly embarrassed by the “conversations” my parents were determined to have with me. Now I know what an amazing thing it was. Working with young people for the past 32 years has taught me that even though “sex and sexuality” front all the magazines, TV, movies and every social media
outlet, it is not talked about in the home.

In this church home, it’s a different story. Several years ago, Pastor Dave and I decided we wanted to help parents talk to their children about sexuality and dating. We didn’t want to talk biology we wanted to talk relationship. We wanted to open the door to comfortable conversation between parent and child – a door that could remain open. We designed and wrote four lessons based on everything from dating and love to body image, abusive relationships, media messages
and God’s hope for us. We shaped it around 7th and 8th graders and placed it within the confirmation ministry. There was much fear and trembling from child and parent as they shuffled in for the first time, but it didn’t take long for it to be replaced by conversation and laughter.

We used a combination of discussion, interviews, power point, graphics and personal story to invite everyone to participate where they were at. It was facilitated to allow the parent to guide the discussion using their own language, experience and values. We received a flood of positive response! The most important to me was an email from a member who worked at the West Suburban teen clinic. She said it was an amazing experience and if all teens had an opportunity for conversation like this,
it could change what she did!

At the end of January, teen and parent gathered. They entered with fear and trepidation, giggles and whispers which soon changed to laughter, jokes and warmth. God calls us into relationship and who better to teach and guide young people than those who love them the most! The night ends with each parent placing a hand on their child’s
head and blessing them – a holy moment in time. What an honor to behold!

Care for our College Students

College Care Packages are arriving at college dorms all over the United States and Canada! Over one hundred Care Packages are being mailed to college kids from Mount Calvary. Each box contains a dozen chocolate chip cookies baked by the Tuesday morning “Women of Thunder” Bible Study ladies, a handmade Christmas Card from our Sunday School kids, all kinds of healthy and a few “not-so-healthy” snacks donated by college families, a novelty gift, and a motivational letter from Pastor Dave for finals week. We are looking forward to welcoming our college kids back to worship over the holidays!

Vacation Bible School at Mount Calvary

This year we spent a week on the Rolling River learning about the Adventure, Acceptance, Joy, and Grace we find on the river with Jesus. The whole crew learned the Bible Verse: When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. Isaiah 43:2.

While the weather was a challenge for our first two days, we persevered and finally enjoyed the outdoors for the second half of the week. Art projects, singing, dancing, learning about the “Animals Nobody Loves”, and playing all kinds of games like Capture the Flag, Noodle Tag, Ships Across the Ocean and even some Bingo.

We celebrated the end of the week with a big Slip-n-Slide and a large Inflatable Obstacle Course! The week was a big success with over 150 Campers and 65 Youth Counselors and Volunteers. We’re already looking forward to next year!

Youth Stock Sales

We had a successful year with our Youth Mission Trip Stock Sales! The investment in Mount Calvary youth ensures that mission trips can be accessible to every youth that has a spirit for service.

The sales drive culminated April 29 with our big pancake-breakfast, congregational thank you!