Mount Calvary’s Future is at Hand

Recent letters have focused on a right-brained explanation of Mount Calvary’s 8-point strategic plan. This month I conclude the series with a left-brained interpretation of our vision.

Building on Mount Calvary’s successful 85+ year history of “making, building up, and sending out disciples of Jesus Christ,” the plan uses congregation feedback along with staff and council input, to prescribe a vision of the church’s future.

As this dream becomes real, congregants will find their spiritual journey adapted to each stage of life and the lives of their children. The path linking ministry opportunities will transition seamlessly as life ebbs and flows.

The rich experiences created by staff will grow deeper and broader as we develop the skills to mentor each other.

Worship opportunities will expand in scope and diversity as we discover new ways to praise God. The constraints of time and place will fade. While human contact will remain the priority, technology will augment the experience without intruding.

Warm, welcome, inviting partnerships with local, regional, and world-wide neighbors will continue to define our character. We will seek fellow travelers with a clear need that we are positioned to address. Inside our physical and virtual walls, we will strive to create a true sanctuary that eliminates divisive geographic, cultural, and world-view boundaries.

Our own institutional health and well-being is paramount. We will ensure that the pastors, staff and associated ministers upon which we rely so heavily feel valued, well compensated, and encouraged to grow their own faith. Plans will be established to make inevitable transitions as smooth as possible. Vibrant and creative lay leadership will remain our foundation.

Our physical and financial resources will continue to receive the expected care. Maintenance investments will be anticipated and capital improvements aligned with evolving ministry needs. Appeals for operating, capital, and benevolence funds will be clear, measured, and linked to our mission.

The pillars of belief that define our unique purpose and place in the world will be discussed and documented. We will gain comfort and skill sharing our story with pride to all who will listen. Finally, a culture of open communication with each other and our neighbors will be encouraged, for it is dialog and action that allow us to grow as a community of faith.

On that note, thanks for listening and let me know what you think at

Doug Affinito
Council President