Nata Lux and North Star Therapy Animals

Golden Retriever, Nata Lux and Dr. Barbara Cameron are featured in our April edition of the Caller.

“When life gets tough, as it sometimes does, I feel a bit lost, so I ask Nata to pray with me. As Nata puts her paws into my hands, I see the devotion in her eyes. Our bowed heads touch and we thank God for our blessings. At “Amen,” I am more grounded and I see solutions more clearly. Goals in life are easy to say, but sometimes challenging to meet. For me, I hope to be the person Nata believes I am. I want to be like my Golden Retriever, who shares the bright light of God with great joy and pure love.” – Dr. Barbara Cameron

Nata Lux is Dr. Cameron’s North Star Therapy Dog. If you and your dog (or cat, guinea pig, llama, or miniature horse) would like to learn more about becoming a North Star Therapy Team, you may call Dr. Cameron at 612-388-7765. If you would like to receive a care visit, please contact Pastor Brenda.

Nata and Barbara invite you to see your pup in the favorite poem of her late father, Lyle E. Rinehart:

“A faithful dog will play with you. He’ll laugh with you or cry.

He’ll gladly starve to stay with you, nor ever reason why.

When you’re feeling out of sorts, he’ll somehow understand.

He’ll watch you with his shining eyes and try to lick your hand.

His blind, implicit faith in you is matched by his great love,

The kind that all of us should have in the Master up above.

When everything is said and done, I guess this isn’t odd,

For, when you spell “dog” backwards, you get the name of “God.” – Author, Unknown