Farewell to Diane Eidsmo

If you have spent any time around the church office over the past sixteen years you probably have met our Director of Communications, Diane Eidsmo. If you haven’t met her in person, you have met her through her Mount Calvary ministries of word and design – in our Caller newsletter, our Web site, emails, social media and many print materials.

Here in the office, we have all come to depend upon Diane’s thoughtful and valuable presence. She is one of those team members that you can always count on to get things done, and she gets things done without fuss or drama. She has a natural ability to discern what looks just right and a talent for cutting through surplus information to find the real story.

Diane first began her Mount Calvary journey in 2002. Her background in corporate communications and marketing gave her a particular insight and expertise in telling the stories of our faith community. Throughout her 16 years at Mount Calvary, she worked in almost every facet of office life – facilities, accounting, and communications, working for three Business Administrators. As Pastor Dave says, she has brought us through “generations of technology changes.” She has been part of creating two Web sites, through too many technology changes to count, and, most importantly, contributed to Mount Calvary’s success and growth.

“These are job related ‘rocks,’ but on a personal level I have made long lasting friendships and had the honor and joy of working with so many wonderful people within the Mount Calvary congregation,” she says. “This has been a job where I loved every part of what I did on a daily basis, and the relationships with staff, volunteers, and church members were the highlight of the past 16 years.”

We wish you all the best in your retirement, Diane. We hope to keep in touch, and we expect to see some great pictures of you and your grandchildren doing water ski tricks together! Thank you for your work and witness and may God bless and keep you in your new ventures.

Kara Paulson