Foundation News – June 2018

Change can be a very good thing, if managed properly. What needs changing in your life?

Your Foundation is also changing. Michael Cunningham, longtime member of MCLC and longtime Vice President of the Foundation Board is replacing me as President. It is the right time for this and I am delighted and know that he will do a terrific job. His insights and opinions have been highly valued by the entire board and especially me.

I will remain on the board, serving out my last year of this term. I do not see any major changes in policy or practice. The board members have meshed well together and collectively we have made some major decisions without controversy. Robert’s Rules of Order have been observed with most decisions collegial.

We have reason to be proud of our asset growth over the years to more than $650,000 and the stewardship record of contributing and investing in projects and programs consistent with our mission. We have supported efforts here at church, in our greater community and on an international scale. Most investments have been related to members who have been personally involved.

The history of these efforts range from the very first when a member went back to his roots in Korea and took newborn supplies to the orphanage. Then, there were the computers that we helped Anna Moschet buy when she was in the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, today we support the Seminary in Estonia.

Here at home, we can point to many projects from Eagle Scouts to new paraments to the homeless youth shelter in Chanhassen. We always strive to have your dollars truly make a difference.

It has been my great pleasure to serve as your President and I thank you for all the support and encouragement I have received. Some even bought into the Columbarium! Thanks to all.

Respectfully submitted,
Ross McGlasson