Let’s Show We Care

The past couple of weeks have reminded me that we have so many people who need our thoughts and prayers, and who need us to show that we truly care about them. Some are people very close to us, some are acquaintances, and some are total strangers … but all provide us with good reasons to stop and think about those around us, and to understand and care.

Nationally, there was the recent news about the tragedy at a church in Texas that affected an entire community. Locally, a friend and colleague let me know about a family member who had encountered a life threatening health issue. Hitting closer to home personally, I recently moved my mother to a memory care unit from her independent living apartment due to the advancing state of her condition.

Each of these events will bring about changes in the lives of those who are impacted. And while change is inevitable, and in fact it is often the necessary catalyst that brings good things into our lives, sometimes change seems distinctly biased toward negative outcomes such as the situations described above. In these times let’s remember that caring does matter, and let’s do our best to support those who have been affected. A hug, a phone call, a squeeze of someone’s hand, a prayer … they can all be so very helpful, and show that we care.

For those who have been paying attention to our recent introduction of Mount Calvary’s four Pillars (I expect that includes everyone!), expressing that we care about others is the “what we do,” and the “why we do it” is … Love. Seems like a really good reason to let those around us know we care.

Not to minimize the importance of the message above, but there are a couple of additional changes that we should all care about (these are examples of good changes!). Our construction projects for the remodel of our restrooms and the expansion of our parking lot have been completed! Take a minute or two the next time you are at church to see our newly remodeled restrooms in the atrium near the main entrance. They are not only more accessible and functional, but they are also beautiful! And the completion of our parking lot expansion not only adds some very necessary parking spaces, but we now have a much more direct path to Kowalski’s to grab those all-important donuts and treats after Sunday services.

See you in the bakery department soon!

Mike Kasprick
Council President