LitChicks – The Love of Friends

One of the “four loves” we learned about in our January sermon series, is “philia” or “friendship love.” (If you missed it, listen online.) Friends add so much comfort, love, and joy to our lives. But, sometimes, especially as adults, it’s hard to make friends. People move around more and don’t necessarily live in the same place as their childhood friends.

We hope that you see your church home as a great place to make friends. One of the best ways to make friends is to find a group where members share a common interest and Mount Calvary offers small groups for all ages and interests. One such group at Mount Calvary is LitChicks.

As you might conjecture from the name LitChicks, this group is made up of women who love books. It all started about ten years ago when a couple of church friends decided it would be fun to read and discuss books from a Christian women’s perspective. They originally called their
group the Christian Women’s Book Club, but as time went on the group agreed that name was a little stuffy and didn’t represent them well. The name LitChicks better embodies their reason for being, and the fun nature of the club.

This group is open and welcoming to all women who want to read and have respectful, bimonthly, book discussions. Not everyone has been in the group for years, in fact, last month they welcomed three new members. The LitChicks start their meetings at 7:00 and get right down to business, and unlike some book clubs, they discuss the book! Casual socializing and visiting is saved for after the meeting when
some of the members adjourn to Maynard’s for post-discussion
refreshments. According to club member Mary K. Klein, it’s a toss-up as to how many most appreciate the book discussion or the friendly chat afterwards.

One thing people in the group really appreciate, is the “vetting” that goes into selecting each book. They want to inspire good discussion, so the books they read are “more than just murder mysteries.” They look for good reviews, rich subject matter, and before selecting a book, they
read a synopsis to ensure the quality of the writing and the inclusion of interesting, conversation-worthy subject matter.

Not everyone in the club belongs to Mount Calvary; they are open to all women in the community. Many of the gang are empty-nesters who find they have more time for reading, now that they are not driving kids to activities every night. As Mary K. says, “It’s a good, casual group of respectful readers.”

If you think LitChicks might be a good fit for you, check out their next book Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, which will be up for discussion March 14th. If you would like to know more about LitChicks, you can email Mary K. Klein at, or take a look at their, and other small group, offerings on our website at http://www.