We’re Hiring a Director of Senior High Youth Ministry


  • Youth Faith Formation
  • Full-time Exempt
  • Reports to Director of Youth Faith Formation, and
  • Indirectly to Program Coordinator

Job Overview

Welcome, teach, train, guide and affirm youth in grades 8-12, embodying and inviting youth into the love of Christ. Connect with grades 4-7 as pathway to inclusion in senior high ministry. Support young adults after high school. Build up the four pillars of Mount Calvary’s identity: Grace, Inclusiveness, Love and Service.



  1. Organize, facilitate, grow, and lead Youth Ministry program, including The Vine, service projects, retreats, worship, and other ministry areas to:
    1. promote a deepening awareness of God through spiritual practices.
    2. build faith relationships between peers, family, congregation, and community.
    3. invite responses to God’s love in worship, action, and service.
    4. teach tenets of Lutheran theology.
  2. Cultivate, train, uphold, and improve current culture and protection practices.
  3. Recruit, train, organize, support and celebrate youth and adult leaders.
  4. Counsel and support youth emotionally and spiritually within the ministry team.
  5. Develop and communicate an annual youth ministry plan in consultation with youth and adult leaders and colleagues.
  6. Collaborate with youth, adults and staff colleagues on events and programs.
  7. Communicate youth programs and stories using social media and congregational tools.
  8. Connect youth to resources, groups, and individuals within Mount Calvary and the community.
  9. Plan and execute continuing education and personal growth.


  1. Strong desire to build relationships with and support high school youth, finding ways to improve cascading mentorship across the church.
  2. Able to articulate one’s Christian faith and publicly support Mount Calvary’s identity through the above pillars. This support should be energetic, approachable, affirming, authentic, and compassionate.
  3. Able to lead regular evening and weekend events throughout the year, including one or two week-long trips.
  4. Strong servant leadership skills with experience to discern when to lead and when to let others lead. Preparedness, punctuality, and professionalism.
  5. Experience training and organizing youth and adult leaders and leading events.
  6. Open and flexible to change, humility and sense of playfulness.