Welcome Will Eisenberg

Mount Calvary Academy of Music News
Introducing our new Brass Instructor, William Eisenberg,
Specializing in French horn and trumpet.

We’d love for you to meet our new brass instructor at the Mount Calvary Academy of Music! William Eisenberg recently joined our faculty, and has begun giving lessons in French horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba. He offers lessons on trombone and tuba as well. William grew up nearby in Minnetonka and attended Hopkins High School. His parents are both amateur musicians and they fostered a love of classical music in their children. William obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Horn Performance at Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio, and completed a Master’s in Horn Performance at Yale School of Music where he studied with Professor William Purvis.

William is happy to be providing a brass option at Mount Calvary Academy and enjoys working with people of all ages – from those just starting out, to those who would like to add polish to their playing. He can help beginners familiarize themselves with their instruments, or instruct kids through obstacles, such as playing with braces. He can also help high school musicians with the process of auditioning and applying for college.

William notes that the Twin Cities is also a great place for adults to continue playing and improving on their instruments since there is a wealth of amateur groups in our area. “I like lessons to be a gateway to lifelong learning,” he says. “The French horn can be played in bands and wind ensembles, as well as both brass and woodwind quintets. It’s unique in that it is adaptable to so many expressions of chamber music.”

William is also an enthusiast of modern music and wants students to know that there is so much more repertoire than they realize; brass players are not limited to Mozart and Bach. William loves opening up the eyes of his students to new and exciting musical styles.
“Music is a great way to develop as a person,” says William. “It teaches skills in leadership, working together, responsibility and commitment. Even if you don’t continue playing after school, the experience of playing will have lifelong effects.”

William can be found at Mount Calvary Academy of Music on Tuesday evenings. He is currently accepting new students of all ages and abilities. If you are interested in lessons or have any questions for William, please email him at william.eisenberg