If you work in the business world, you are probably familiar with the term “best practices.” Many businesses use the best-practices format as part of their process-improvement planning. In other words, they look at what’s being done across the company, or even in other companies, to see what practices and procedures work best.

Here at Mount Calvary, best-practices helped to develop our “CrossPaths” Bible study series. CrossPaths uses the best of other Bible study formats to create a more effective and accessible experience for our members. The series combines the learning and study of a teaching and presentation format, with the intimacy and camaraderie of small-group interaction.

Each week, participants get a little reading homework and begin having a personal encounter with the Word so they’ll be ready to come and discuss the assignment with the other members of their small group. Well, you know what happens where two or three are gathered – there is God in the midst of them! And when people meet, and talk, and come to new understandings, wonderful, faith-filled friendships are born. After small group time, everyone gathers together for large group learning at a presentation by Pastor Dave.

When asked to reflect on her CrossPaths participation, member Heidi Westlind shared, “I was worried about adding a weekly evening commitment to our full family calendar and getting the homework done, but what I found was that being imperfect on those fronts was ok, and that the experience was still completely worthwhile. The lectures were interesting, the conversations in small group were meaningful and I really valued the opportunity and space to explore my own understanding, thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of topics.”

This year’s CrossPaths series is in three parts. It begins on Tuesday, September 26, from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., with the first session, four weeks of “The Parables of Jesus.” The series is designed to work for anyone, whether you are a seasoned Bible student, or just a beginner. As Pastor Dave says, “This is not competitive Bible Study. This is hospitable Bible study. No one will walk away without having been engaged in a meaningful way.” Future sessions will be January 16–February 20, “Seeing Gray In a World of Black and White” and April 10-24 on the book of James.

You’re invited to one or all. Come check it out. You may find that CrossPaths is one of YOUR best practices.

Kara Paulson