Heidi’s Visit to Malawi with Children of the Nations

MHMM Board and Friends,

I am so excited to share this story from my day here in Malawi. I hope it fills you with as much hope and happiness as I experienced.

This afternoon I had the opportunity to attend a welcome ceremony for a new team that arrived here to work with Children of the Nations (COTN). The ceremony took place in the town of Mtzlissa where COTN has their feeding program (to which we have contributed meals).  

Close to 200 of the 545 children cared for by COTN in that village attended the ceremony. Some older children sang and danced. We were welcomed with open arms. After the ceremony, as we were greeting the children and heading toward the bus, I happened to look up and see a boy holding a box from MHMM! I think I startled him with my enthusiasm about it because he had no idea why I was so excited about his cardboard box (I think he was afraid I wanted to have it), but a woman who spoke English came up to translate.

When she understood who I was, she told me the following:

Your food is blessing these children.  You see those boys dancing?  They dance because you feed them. You are doing the Lord’s work.”

Wow.  When I came to Malawi, I was not certain that our meals were still being fed here at this location, but check out the pictures below! Recognize that date? Packathon 2018 meals are currently being served in Mtzlissa, Malawi!  

Tomorrow I will visit the village again during the feeding program time and share more about how that works, but for now, I just wanted to give you a glimpse into the lives of those you are impacting with your generous commitment of time and resources. Thank you, thank you! to each of you for all of your continued efforts on behalf of beautiful children like these.

Zikomo kwambiri! Thank you very much!

Blessings from Malawi,