At His House, October is the time of year we mention our car donation program. A vehicle can make the difference between not only getting a job, but keeping a job when you live in the suburbs. We have very limited public transportation access and not having reliable transportation is a barrier to success. It’s part of what we call the “3 legged stool.” Without a car you lose your job, your home, and sometimes your family.

As you know, I write about local homelessness many times in this space and today as I write about vehicles I am also writing about housing. As I dive deeper and deeper into this subject, I meet more and more people living in their vehicle. Yes, we work hard to get people to a shelter, into Families Moving Forward, or an affordable apartment, but many times we fail. Right now, I know 3 families with children living in their car, all near this church. His House is working hard to help these families move out of what they know as their home (a car) and to a shelter. We have delivered food, gas cards, grocery cards, toiletries…all to a family living in their car!!

So as you consider your vehicle donation think about the difference you can make in someone’s life and their 3 legged stool.

The His House car donation program maximizes your tax donation because we always use the donation toward our mission. Victory Auto in Chanhassen assists with all repairs to affordably keep a donated vehicle running while creating an awareness of the costs associated with maintaining a working car.