His House – June

We usually write in this space about your wonderful donations or items that we need. Today I’m writing about how your wonderful donations make an impact in the lives of our neighbors.

We are working with Carver County in a food rescue program. Food that would be thrown out is recovered from restaurants and events and delivered to families that have a barrier getting to the food shelf.

In May we got a call from a single mother with 5 children. Mom works full time but doesn’t have a car. She rides to work with her co-worker. So, when she was out of food and had no way to get to the food shelf and no money to get to the grocery store she called His House for help.

His House had just received a large food donation from a church event. Our volunteers were able to pick it up and deliver it immediately to the family.

This is the same story over and over again. Whether it’s food, a mattress, a sofa, or clothes that your kids have outgrown, we know neighbors who are happy to receive these items. Yes, leftover food is on this list. After the community meal we help Chris Anderson redistribute the leftovers to families that couldn’t get to the meal but are still hungry.

So thank you for all the wonderful donations given to His House and RAK. We love sharing with our neighbors whatever God has blessed us with in our bin in the atrium of Mount Calvary, or in the kitchen refrigerator after a community meal.

Martha Brannon
His House/RAK