Quilting News


Thank goodness for our quilt group that meets three times a month to give us a wonderful opportunity for fellowship while we make warm quilts for the homeless folks in the metro area. If you know of any women who have time on their hands, are a bit lonely, or love to visit or work with fabric, tell them about our group. We welcome newcomers.

Betty Renner hit the nail on the head when she referred to our group as a “joyful ministry.” Betty quilts with a different group nowdays, one that doesn’t miss seams, put knots where they don’t belong, or have one side longer than the other. I do truly expect that when the rest of us get to heaven, God will say, “I know you. You’re a part of the Mount Calvary Quilting Ministry”.

We’re on target once again to make and deliver over 1,000 quilts to the needy homeless in the metro area. We’ve expanded the donations to include blankets, toiletries, tote bags, and hand knit warm scarves and caps. What may surprise you is that we include the warm scarves and caps every single month, as we do get some cool nights in our summers. Or as I’m fond of saying, “If you think this isn’t necessary, you try sleeping under a bridge without a blanket and tell me you wouldn’t appreciate a warm scarf or cap.” That means it takes two vehicles every month to deliver these items. This month’s quilts go to St. Stephens.

Last month we delivered to a shelter, plus provided every single person in the Families Moving Forward with his or her own personal quilt plus a tote bag of needed items. The quilts were particularly chosen for the age and gender of the person with a pocket on the quilt filled with a beanie baby for each of the children.

We thank you for your prayers for this important ministry but even more so, for the homeless people in our midst. You are welcome to stop by for coffee any of the first three Thursdays of any month to see what we’re doing. We take a coffee break at 10:30am so that’s a good time, and we always have treats on hand.

Sharon Roos, Co-chair
Mount Calvary Quilting Ministry