I expect that by now you’ve been introduced to our new three-year capital campaign, titled “all in.” It’s such a short and simple campaign name, yet it offers more than just one message.

Most people would likely say “all in” refers to being fully committed, and that was clearly one of the intended meanings when this theme was selected. In this case, the key commitments we’re referring to are to continuing the strong support of our benevolence activities, and to making the necessary ongoing updates to our church facilities.

About a decade ago, the US economic pullback forced Mount Calvary to severely reduce its benevolence activities. Over the past two campaigns, Mission Ready and Mission Forward, we have been able to restore our benevolence activity to an appropriate level, and now we are affirming our commitment to continuing this level of spending because it is such an integral part of who we are and what we do. Similarly, we are making a commitment to perform the necessary ongoing upgrades to our building and facilities to ensure we can continue to offer the high caliber of programming and events expected by our congregation.

All Inclusion
Reflecting further on our campaign theme, “all in” also refers to inclusion. This is truly a campaign for all of us! There is no gift too small (or too large!), and no donor too young (or too old!). We would be thrilled to see every member of our congregation participate in this campaign, no matter the amount of the gift. This is our primary source of funds for the many programs we support in our community and beyond, as well as the sole source for the enhancements that are planned for our gathering spaces. We hope everyone feels inspired to join the campaign and support these efforts!

Once you’ve decided you are all in, we offer several ways to get your donation all in. Donations can be mailed, brought to any church service, or you can conveniently make your gift online at our new website. Or if you prefer, you can always brighten Pastor Brenda’s day by making a visit to deliver your donation to her in person.

Thanks in advance to all!