We Care for our College Students

Our College Care packages continue to be a real blessing to our students away from home! Thanks to all who baked, shopped, packed, and mailed to have these boxes sent. Thanks also to our Sunday Schoolers for the special cards and messages. Read some of the heartfelt “thank yous.”

“Thanks so much for organizing this! My daughters received their care packages today and were so appreciative of all the thoughtful snacks and other items as well as the cards that were signed.  My younger daughter cried when she read the homemade card from the little  girl, that someone she didn’t know made that for her and was sending blessings.

With a grateful heart,”

“Thank you all and the staff for my Christmas box! Perfect timing so I can snack on those cookies over break!:)


And also, according to the sunday schooler who wrote my card, you’re getting me a new Honda (see attached pic)!”


“(Student) just picked up her care package and cried! She loved the card made by Maggie- 2nd grade!

Thank you for continuing this! Came at the perfect time as she is a little stressed and homesick! ♥️”