Foundation News

Mount Calvary Foundation Board members have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Ross McGlasson over his many years of leading the Foundation. Ross was instrumental in the establishment of the Foundation in 1989. He was a member of the Foundation’s first Board of Directors. After getting the Foundation up and running, Ross took a break to attend to the numerous other community activities he has participated in and led. Fortunately, in 2002, Ross returned to the Foundation Board and shortly thereafter took over as its President. The Foundation has been in “good hands.” To state the obvious, Ross McGlasson has many talents. He is smart, he is committed, he has ideas, he is straightforward, he has a sense of humor, he shows up, and most importantly, he is effective.

As a result of Ross’ leadership and stewardship, and the generosity of many in our church congregation, the assets of the Foundation have increased from approximately $190,000 in 2002 when Ross returned to the Board to more than $650,000 today. The Foundation has budgeted and is positioned to make grants in excess of $30,000 this year to support programs at the church, in the greater community, and internationally. Earlier this year, the Foundation Board reluctantly permitted Ross to step down as its President. There were ten no votes and only one yes vote on the resolution. Nevertheless, for some reason the one yes vote prevailed. However, this change came with an essential condition – Ross is continuing as a member of the Foundation Board. We are still in “good hands.”

Ross, the members of the Foundation Board, all current and former board members, thank you for your commitment and guidance in leading the Foundation’s efforts for 16 years. You have been invaluable. We are pleased – extremely pleased – that your active participation and guidance will be continuing.