Where will our dreams take us?

We hope you are reading this in the comfort of your favorite space with your favorite beverage and you feel especially thankful for what we hope is your favorite church! Mount Calvary is a favorite space for many. It is filled with people who come here to love and serve others. It is filled with giggles and tears. It is filled with dreams of making our world a better place, one action at a time.

Throughout the years our members’ dreams and actions have shaped our space. In 1965, members dreamed of investing in education. Their dreams built the Education Wing and later launched our Preschool. In 1988, members dreamed of a strong community church with more room for everyone to worship. Those dreams built our current Sanctuary and later bequeathed it with modern technology. In 1999, members dreamed of welcoming more friends and neighbors. They built our Atrium, Luther Hall, office space and parking lot. Today the parking lot is a shared space for the whole community.

The dreams of our members have shaped our current architecture. We intentionally designed our atrium to be round and welcoming, with open windows to the sky. We added a Columbarium, thoughtfully placed to be at the center of all our activities. We positioned our Welcome Center to be readily identified by visitors, so they can navigate our building with ease. We’ve added signs and maps, all with the objective of directing people through our loved, but 80-year-old building. Last year, thanks to the success of our Mission Forward Campaign, we were able to remodel and relocate our restrooms to provide convenience for members and to increase the safety of our Mount Calvary Preschool.

The dreams of Mount Calvary members have blown the winds of change through our building since before 1945. Where will our dreams take us next? We want Mount Calvary guests to feel the grace, love, and inclusiveness that pulse throughout our building. We want everyone that walks in our doors to feel a sense of belonging.

What can YOU do to make Mount Calvary a better place? We dream of providing more space for our growing community. Our plans include tearing down the coat room and creating more space in the atrium. Take a look at the photo below. Our dreams shaped these plans, and when guests walk through the doors, they’ll be greeted with hospitality and clarity of where their destination is. Our newly-created space will promote warm, casual gatherings of friends, and conversation around tables.

Please take a moment to look at the all in Campaign video and web page. We have big dreams. We need everyone to do something – whatever you can. To make our goals over the next three years possible, we need everyone to be all in!