Epiphany Gallery – Featured Artist, Bob McLain

We speak of inclusion; we are asked how many people can fit under our umbrella; we are challenged to draw the circle wider; we are called to love God’s people.

Artist Bob McLain feels a pull to draw faces. His work is a study of the human face and is also a personal commitment to honor the faces and their people. His work includes the faces of young and old; it includes faces of people who have known joy and sorrow, success and struggle; it includes faces of people whose skin colors range from light to
dark; it includes faces of people who each have stories; it includes faces of people who are surrounded by love and family and faces of people who know loneliness and rejection; it includes faces, created and cherished by God, drawn with love and respect by Bob McLain.

In preparation for his drawings, Bob takes photographs of the face from nine specific angles. From these photographs, he can capture a replication of the face as well as find a variety of moods within the expressions. Bob explains his drawing process, “The first part of my study is done with graphite pencil to work the tonal values of the face. The second part of the study explores skin colors of different nationalities using acrylic paint and colored pencil.” The series, “Faces,” is a beautiful celebration of the many faces we encounter. The series has a gentle voice that says, “I see you.”

Bob graduated from Minnetonka High School and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education from Mankato State University. He has worked as an art teacher, graphic designer at Tonka Toys, and has his own art studio. Bob and his wife Kathy have been members of Mount Calvary for over 40 years. Now retired and living in Chaska, Bob can
be found painting, woodworking, researching and always learning