The Call from His House

It seems like every summer I write about local homeless issues. I looked back on some of my previous Caller articles about families sleeping in their cars at the His House Thrift Store, at churches, and other parking lots in this community. I’ve written about driving the homeless to a shelter only to be turned away because the shelters are full. We have bought tents so families can “live” in the campground indefinitely. And His House created an emergency hotel fund that every year is used beyond the balance.

This article is not about a success story…because I don’t have one. I only have my experience of meeting people so desperate that they are standing at the local grocery store asking for help.
I’m not sure this congregation knows that the His House team has taken this difficult challenge on: to address the needs of a person that feels there is no other solution but to hold a sign at the corner. We receive phone calls, texts, and emails from community members letting us know at what intersection they see someone with a sign asking for help.

This work is the most difficult, heart wrenching, and wonderful work we are called to do. Someone is so desperate, so broken and tired that they see no other option but to stand at an intersection. We can meet this person and offer hope.

I don’t have an answer or idea about solving these issues…that’s for people smarter than me. This article is just about a “call.” The His House call that many in this church and community receive. The call to lift up the broken and tired and share our blessings with others who are desperate and tired.