Summer brought over twenty young artists to the gallery through our Summer Arts Camp. Through our art projects, we explored words and ideas that engage us in what our relationship with God means to us and to others. Seeing the children work with color, line, shape, and imagery using paint, canvas, metal, and clay in a way that is so natural to them is seeing the Holy Spirit in motion!

September begins a new theme for Mount Calvary and an opportunity for Epiphany Gallery to invite artists to share work and create space for us to see whatever we may see in their work. We begin “God’s Stories Written on the World,” with artist Sonja Hutchinson, a watercolor artist and Signature Member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society. She has been painting in watercolor since 2001 upon an invitation from an artist friend to join her class. (Right here is a good place to insert that everyone starts somewhere! If you have a fancy to create art, start anywhere – this is your invitation!)

Sonja’s story goes, “I started painting the things that I love…creating a gallery of family and friends. In the process, I discovered joy in capturing the essence of characters that form our community, the personality of places in our environment and the things that enrich our days.”

Sonja describes, “painting in watercolor is where spontaneity and intention collide.” She uses positive and negative space seamlessly showing us that there really is no negative space in art. That space is an integral part of the composition. She fills that space with movement and color creating wondrous places for the viewer to wander. We look forward to seeing the stories within Sonja’s paintings! Her work will be on exhibit in the Epiphany Gallery the first week of September. Sonja is a celebrated watercolor artist in the Twin Cities and we are honored to have her work in the gallery!

Going back to the seed that was planted earlier in this article about YOU creating art…look for a Call for Art in the October Caller! We are reaching out to our congregation to bring together “God’s Stories Written on the World,” through your art! Creators of visual art: be thinking about what you may have to contribute, details to come!