Radical Hospitality

Up until about a year ago, I can honestly say I had never heard the following two words used together: radical, and hospitality. Yet, when they were combined in our strategic plan it made absolute sense! Our fourth strategic initiative, focused on inclusion, states “We seek to develop radical hospitality.”

Taking a quick look at how these words are commonly defined, it seems almost too obvious that they belong together;

Radical: very different from the usual or traditional.

Hospitality: offering a generous and friendly welcome.

Mount Calvary has a history of pursuing new paths and setting new standards, so why not with hospitality and inclusion too? Why should we simply settle for the same old way things have always been done? We choose to do it differently and better!

And so, as there are families in our local community who have nowhere to go, and need a temporary home to help them stabilize and get back on their feet, we will offer an extraordinary and generous welcome. This is why we participate in Families Moving Forward (FMF).
Does it make a difference? Absolutely! All of the families we hosted last year were able to move into their own housing within a month of our hosting week. This is a great experience for all those who are involved … the families we host, and the Mount Calvary volunteers. It inspires hope and smiles, and lives are changed.

Mount Calvary is one of about 80 congregations participating in the Families Moving Forward program. During the day, participating families work with FMF staff to address their specific needs, from seeking employment to locating housing, so they can regain stability in their lives. In the evening, the families return to the church where they find a warm meal and a welcoming place to sleep.

Our next hosting week is scheduled for March 18-25, and we can definitely use your help! Please contact Chris Anderson with any questions or to volunteer. You can reach Chris at or 952-474-8893.