His House Volunteer Teresa Fuller

It has been Serve to the Max at Mount Calvary and it always reminds me of the volunteers at His House who always Serve to the Max. I wanted to share the story of one volunteer that serves beyond the max —at His House that person is Teresa Fuller.

When my husband had a temporary job transfer to Chicago, I wasn’t sure who would keep His House going in my absence. In stepped Teresa. I guess she didn’t just step in…she jumped in!

It started with donation pick-ups. You might have passed her on the road and wondered if she was from an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies. She will pick up a mattress on one side of town and deliver it to a single mom with five kids that needs it for her 15 year-old-son that sleeps on the sofa. She will pick up left over funeral food from church and deliver it to a family that doesn’t have enough money to buy food. And after she gets home from doing all that, she will answer her phone about another single mom who ran out of gas on highway 7 with her four small children in the car. Teresa will jump in her car with a gas can, drive to their car, fill it up with gas and give the mom’s car a jump.

So when we talk about Serve to the Max I think of Teresa!

Martha Brannon
His House