Dear People of Mount Calvary,

Back in 2015 I decided it was time to prepare the congregation for my eventual retirement. I have developed such a love for the people and ministry of this congregation over my 40 years and have a desire to always do what is best for the health and vitality of our work together as followers of Jesus Christ. We assembled about a dozen or so key leaders and read a book about pastor transitions titled The Elephant in the Boardroom, by Russell Crabtree. We reviewed several approaches to transition and recommended to the Church Council one in which a new senior leader would be onboarded before I retire for the purpose of mentoring and equipping that person and having as seamless a transition as possible. The Council agreed and shared with all of you that transition plan at the 2015 Annual meeting. We have decided together that now is the time to put that plan into place.

So, expect to hear more about this transition and what it will look like, who the leaders are who will shepherd the process, and opportunities for you to ask questions. Briefly, once the new Senior Pastor is welcomed, we will share the role until we are ready to “pass the torch” and then I will take a sabbatical and return as Pastor Emeritus. There is no date set or goal by which we are hoping to finish this process and we have time to do it well and do it faithfully. I am so grateful, enthusiastic, and curious about what these next years will hold for us all. I am so grateful for and blessed by you and all those who have come before you. Join me as we discover and embrace this new day and future as Mount Calvary!

Blessings and joy,

Pastor Dave