Happy Spring from the MC Quilters!

In spite of the pandemic, we have continued our quilting mission of making quilts for the homeless (a grand total of 10,371 quilts since the group began). When we were unable to work at church, many of the quilters continued to work on the quilts from their homes. We have been back at church for several months with a limited number of people allowed and now we are back in full force.

We recently delivered 67 quilts to Simpson House Shelter. Steve Havig, of Lakes Area Realty, who is on the Board of Directors at Simpson House, was so impressed by our quilts and so appreciative of our donation that he has contributed $1000 to support our mission. We are so grateful for this generous gift. We will use the money to buy more batting for our quilts. Like everything else, batting has gone up in price. The last time we bought batting, the cost was $1360 which was for ten rolls of batting and lasts about four months.

This month we are making quilts for His House which provides direct services to families in need right here in our own community. Last week we delivered 14 quilts to Martha Brannon who will pass them on to the families she is working with.

So what do we need from you? SHEETS!! As you are doing your spring cleaning, or going out for a day of garage sales, or see a great sale on sheets in a store, please keep us in mind. We use the sheets as the backing for the quilts so they are essential for making our quilts. We do not need fabric donations at this time. There is a wooden bin right by the church office, that is labelled for the Quilters, that you can put the sheets in. We appreciate your donations.

The church is opening up again and we are looking forward to the time when we will be able to display our quilts on the pews and be able to see all of you in church.

Peace and Blessings, The Mount Calvary Quilters