State of the Church – June 2018

Okay, it’s time for some words of encouragement. I want everyone to get in the game, to play a key role, to…participate.

As I write about the state of the church, I not only look at where we are, but also where we want to be. What our future will look like, and what activities we are able to undertake, depends on the funding we have available. Which brings me to my message of participation.

We kicked off our “all in” campaign at the beginning of April. This campaign covers the next three years, and it will provide the funding for our capital projects and for the majority of our benevolence programs. As you might expect, we need to have a clear expectation of what the total amount raised will be before we can fully establish our priorities and commit to significant capital spending and benevolence amounts.

As the name implies, we are hoping for full participation with the all in campaign. I hope that every member of our congregation sees value in the improvements we are continually making to our church, and feels the emotional rewards from all of the lives we touch through our community support and benevolence programs. There is truly “something for everyone” in this campaign; our ministry and educational programs and the community groups we host will benefit from our improved facilities, and many of our benevolence partners rely on our support.

Now, I don’t mean we expect you to jeopardize your retirement, deplete your kids’ college fund or give up your family’s summer trip to participate. Every gift, regardless of amount, is greatly appreciated, and you can schedule your payment over time to make it even easier. I’m hoping my note today merely nudges you to do what you’ve been intending but have been procrastinating, and that today you become a participant.

Our hope is that everyone finds their reason to participate, and as a group we are all in!

Mike Kasprick,

Council President